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January 5, 1866

The Dispatch sarcastically offers support for the Women's Suffrage Movement on the grounds that women must then share a "fair" role in society.

June 11, 1866

The proposed amendment is to be ratified by three-fourths of the states. It will guarantee citizenship for blacks, and enfranchise all males 21 and older, except those previously involved with the Confederacy.

September 20, 1866

After the Radical convention the delegates released five steps they think the President should take in order to better the reconstruction effort. The convention said they are hopeful that they will win control of Congress after seeing the results…

October 29, 1866

A Radical newspaper suggests a way to approve the Constitutional Amendment with the support of the South. They suggest that in exchange for not disenfranchising the former Confederate leaders, the Southern states agree to enfranchise the…

November 1, 1866

The official language of the proposed constitutional amendment was released and it contains a clause stating anyone who attempted to rebel from the Union or gave aid to those rebelling is disqualified from holding or running for elective office. This…

November 23, 1866

The Dispatch publishes the full text of the proposed 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This amendment has served as an epicenter of debate across the Nation since its introduction.

January 1, 1867

Richmond district representative returns to tell that states will be admitted back into the constitution backed by the adoption of a new amendment.

January 2, 1867

Citizens expressing opinions on being readmitted to the Union and if rights will be equally distributed to returning states.

August 9, 1867

Radicals and Democrats both fear that General Sheridan may be removed from his position, but for very different reasons.The Radicals wish to use the act against the President and in favor of Sheridan, for his future endeavors.The Democrats fear that…

August 20, 1867

The government removes General Sheridan from his appointment in the District of Louisiana and Texas and moves him to the Department of Missouri.Many commanders move around, as a result, and this will affect the Reconstruction process.The Dispatch…
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