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January 13, 1868

The ideology of a Southern Radical versus a Northern Radical is dissected. Southern Radicals are viewed as much more destructive and dangerous than Northern radicals.

January 21, 1868

Qualifications for which groups of people are given the right to vote are listed. Some citizens who supported the Confederacy shall be banned from voting.

January 30, 1868

The procedure of Johnson's impeachment trial is organized. Once the trial begins a maximum of five "Managers" will be appointed to oversee the trial.

January 31, 1868

Hunnicutt releases a proposed universal suffrage bill that highlights the details and limitations of the bill drafted in the Virginia Convention.

March 27, 1868

Talk of removing the disabilities on the Southern people ensues. Past acts of rebellion do not slow down the process of emancipation and the only requirement of being relieved of the disabilities is to convert to Radicalism.

April 18, 1868

Johnson and his counsel work to build an argument against the articles of impeachment. Their three main points include that the charges against Johnson are unjustified, the court is not the tribunal that the Constitution had expected as ten States…

April 18, 1868

General Schofield advocates against the iron-clad oath in the Convention. The oath prevents qualified people from holding public office and does not hold any benefits. Schofield was accused of trying to mold the Constitution in favor of the white…

April 23, 1868

The New York Times unexpectedly disapproves of the iron-clad oath and fails to see why it should be implemented among the Southern people. The oath will do no good but instead keep experienced and fit politicians out of office in a time when they are…

May 14, 1868

The former Confederate Conservatives agree with general amnesty, but they do not agree with Horace Greeley's remarks allowing "negro" suffrage.

May 28, 1868

The ex-Confederates will be granted amnesty if they vote for the Radical ticket.
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