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February 17, 1871

The Iron-Clad Oath was initiated so only Union men could take office and have power in the Union in the war, but that proved to be ineffective. The Test Oath was for rebels, but did not prohibit them from running for office. The Test Oath has been…

January 25, 1871

In the House, a congressman introduced a bill granting 1.5 million acres for public schools in Virginia. Another congressman introduced a bill to remove disabilities.

January 12, 1871

In the House of Representatives, a petition was purposedfor the removal of disabilities.

December 22, 1870

The war party is dying. With the end of the war party comes the end of any era where Congressed was "controlled by mere malice and vindictiveness." Now, many Conservatives are hopeful that in its place will come the rise a party of peace.

July 18, 1870

William Selden is petitioning for the removal of Mr. Johnson's political disabilities and for a subsidy for the Norfolk and European Steamship company that would allow for commercial competition with French and English ships. Mr. Johnson is…

July 9, 1870

The disabilities of 2500 Virginians have been removed and it is possible that the bill will pass entirely by Friday.

March 31, 1870

Closing statements of the battle in court between Chahoon and Ellyson.

March 29, 1870

Explanation and arguments regarding how the dispute between Mayors Chahoon and Ellyson came about.

March 25, 1870

The debate on the constitutionality of appointing officials to elective offices continues.

February 22, 1870

Congress passes a bill that allows for former rebels to be pardoned and serve in politics.
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