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November 15, 1866

The Dispatch critiques the Radical policy of taxing wealthy white men to pay for the education of black children when there are poor white children who cannot afford an education themselves.

December 5, 1866

The Governor delivered his yearly message last night, and it focused, to the pleasure of the Dispatch, only on state and local politics. The Dispatch says he speech contained tolerable radical views.

December 19, 1866

The Dispatch publishes a report on the education of black students and citizens across the South. It suggests that there are about 150,000 students of color being educated across the South.

January 1, 1867

Man, fights for the religious freedom of the newly freed African-Americans in the state of Louisiana

January 28, 1867

The plan is to allow limited suffrage for all before the new amendment is ratified, which will allow time for people to get used to universal suffrage rather than have it thrust upon them.

February 1, 1867

Support of Congress to deal out punishment against Southern rebels still existed nearly two years after the war had ended. Many Congressmen demanded that any Southern government is disbanded and remolded, along with the direct disenfranchisement of…

May 8, 1867

A controversial meeting took place among Republicans involving Radical proposals.The African church was filled with people, primarily colored, and a speaker gave an extremely Radical speech, claiming that black people are superior to white people.

May 21, 1867

Many of the former slaves who will now have the right to vote do not know the inner workings of politics and how government should be run.Since they now will be voting, they should be educated on how the government works in order to make an informed…

June 13, 1867

Recently a meeting took place at the African church with primarily black people in attendance.Themes of the meeting focus on equality, voting, and Virginia's prosperous future.Voting was emphasized, as one speaker, Charles W. Stovey, claims that…

June 18, 1867

A Radical meeting occurs in Nansemond near Norfolk, Virginia.The speakers at the meeting speak highly of former President Lincoln's emancipation of slaves and state that many white Southerners should have been convicted of treason.The speakers…
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