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January 25, 1871

In the House, a congressman introduced a bill granting 1.5 million acres for public schools in Virginia. Another congressman introduced a bill to remove disabilities.

January 17, 1871

Senator Lewis, a Radical Republican, along with his fellow party members, is pushing for racial equality and to have African-Americans serve in office. According to the Dispatch, Lewis is overstepping his bounds and Grant is annoyed with the Radicals…

January 2, 1871

This New Year's charge was to the citizens of Richmond, reflecting on the hard struggles the city has faced in recent years. The Dispatch wants to challenge the people to persevere and think optimistically about 1871. Richmond is a beautiful city,…

December 21, 1870

The city of Manchester is "squalid poverty and inactivity," but one thing may be able to save it - a union with Richmond. This union would not only save the city of Manchester, but it would allow its citizens to "see Manchester growing and…

November 3, 1870

In an attempt to gain more black voters, the Conservatives have sent a message to the blacks of the district to think about who they really want to be representing them.

October 22, 1870

While many in the north may call General Lee as well as any others who fought in the war to be perjurers, the residents of Virginia seem to think otherwise. In the face of perjury accusations, The Daily Dispatch makes it very clear: if General Lee is…

October 14, 1870

In response to a New York Times article empowering African-Americans against those whites who have "shown by word or deed since 1865 this cruel and ungodly pride," The Daily Dispatch has a different solution for African-Americans. The article urges…

September 17, 1870

After weeks of conflict, Republican leaders of Missouri have been unable to find a common ground, and the party has officially divided. Each of the two tickets in the field is asking for the African-American community to give them their vote.

August 17, 1870

Currently previously existing party names are being used for groups having contrasting platforms. This creates confusion for many and discriminations are resulting. Therefore, these names should be abandoned and new ones used.

August 2, 1870

The Board of Education is discussing appropriations for running public schools, hiring teachers and administrators, and expanding the schools.
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