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October 14, 1870

In response to a New York Times article empowering African-Americans against those whites who have "shown by word or deed since 1865 this cruel and ungodly pride," The Daily Dispatch has a different solution for African-Americans. The article urges…

March 19, 1869

Senator Sprague, a radical, compares America to Great Britain in terms of education, liberty, and refinements in life. He states that all America has is its cotton and tobacco both of which will eventually be lost.

June 1, 1869

White Virginians are upset because at the Colored Convention, Radicals convinced freedmen attending to vote for them on the basis of education opportunities. White Virginians claim this is an unfair and untrue statement; that they will provide…

August 11, 1869

The Colored Conservative Republican Club of Richmond wrote to the Colored Voters of Virginia. In this address, they ask blacks to support Governor Walker even if they did not in the election. They ask them to be good citizens and remember how far…

May 1, 1868

General O.O. Howard's chief of staff, General Whittlesey, speaks to an overwhelmingly "negro" crowd in an African church about the war on races.

June 2, 1869

It is imperative that the white Virginians have control over their school systems. They need to select their own textbooks and teachers, and the textbooks and teachers should both be from Virginia (rather than the North) to keep the integrity of…

January 17, 1871

Senator Lewis, a Radical Republican, along with his fellow party members, is pushing for racial equality and to have African-Americans serve in office. According to the Dispatch, Lewis is overstepping his bounds and Grant is annoyed with the Radicals…

July 16, 1867

Many schools for black children exist in the city, though attendance varies.The cost to run these schools is approximately $3,000.The city is divided into four districts to run these schools, though many of the "colored schools" receive aid from…

June 2, 1869

A "Colored" University was recently opened in Atlanta, Georgia. It is funded by the Freedmen'sBureau.

May 28, 1870

The pay and qualifications of the teachers for the public schools is discussed as well as the differing qualifications based on schooling level needed by the new teachers.
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