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January 5, 1866

The Dispatch sarcastically offers support for the Women's Suffrage Movement on the grounds that women must then share a "fair" role in society.

January 15, 1866

Newspapers across the nation discuss the speculative approval of the District of Columbia Suffrage bill.

January 20, 1866

The House votes to pass the proposed Suffrage bill, angering the editors at the Dispatch.

January 22, 1866

Congress discusses legislation meant to guarantee African American representation but the Dispatch argues that Congress "pressed this matter of negro equality so far" .

March 5, 1866

Voting is taking place regarding the proposed Amendment of the Charter of the City of Richmond

March 6, 1866

The Dispatch is encouraging Richmonders to vote for the New Charter amendment that the Dispatch believes "is one of absorbing interest".

March 15, 1866

Some Radicals look to break away from the lead of Thaddeus Stevens as instability arises in the Radical party.

March 20, 1866

Anxieties among congressmen increase as the passage of the Civil Rights bill draws nearer.

April 12, 1866

The Dispatch looks to criticize northerners for agreeing with Radical policy despite "not understand[ing] it" but offers hope in the form of the re-election of the Secretary of the Treasury whom the Dispatch argues can "do more good for this country…

April 19, 1866

The Radicals are organizing themselves and looking to "oust the President" according to The Dispatch
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