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December 15, 1870

In response to an article in the Petersburg Index, the Daily Dispatch wants everyone to know that they have no fears about the future of the Conservative party in Richmond. Not only that, but it is believed by many Conservatives that theirs will be…

October 6, 1866

Based off of a sample of prominent Southerners, it is clear that the white South is afraid of the future. Unaware of what the future holds, there are debates about whether or not they should accept the new constitution and its provisions.

June 17, 1870

A Lynchburg Republican representative, Mr. W. D, has supposedly been forced to vote Conservative by his superiors.

April 13, 1869

The return of the elections in Viriginia will not be presecribed by the Underwood consitution or by Underwood" We do not know who caused this change, but "in the name of the people of Virginia we thank him fro relieving us from the power of this bad…

October 22, 1867

A "colored" man speaks out to his fellow "colored" citizens about the important decision they must make in the election as they are currently being taken advantage of and will continue to be mistreated by their employers if they make the wrong…

June 27, 1868

Tennessee has accomplished more in their short span after gaining their rights than the Northerners did during all of Reconstruction.

September 28, 1869

In light of the recent buzz around the potential election of senators, The Whig nominates Horace Greeley for one of the positions.

May 12, 1866

There is no doubt of the amendment's passage at this point, and Radicals are doing everything in their power to oppose Johnson. Only nineteen states will be needed for passage of the amendment.

November 1, 1866

The official language of the proposed constitutional amendment was released and it contains a clause stating anyone who attempted to rebel from the Union or gave aid to those rebelling is disqualified from holding or running for elective office. This…

October 31, 1868

This democratic politician from Ohio is making the claim that Grant is in reality a democrat in disguise and he cites past times the Republicans elected closeted democrats as evidence and background.
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