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January 1, 1866

The Dispatch criticizes the North for sending commissioners down to Virginia and The Dispatch asserts that the South does not need the North's "care" and that southerners love and respect African Americans.

January 2, 1866

The Dispatch outlines Virginia's economic advantages and then proceeds to explain why Virginia needs more access to the global economy.

January 5, 1866

The Dispatch sarcastically offers support for the Women's Suffrage Movement on the grounds that women must then share a "fair" role in society.

January 8, 1866

Union General Grant comments on the status of readmission and offers his opinions on the subject.

January 11, 1866

The suffragist movement makes progress in the House and trials of those accused of treason continue to hold the attention of southerners.

January 18, 1866

Following the end of slavery, farmers in Virginia seek cheap labor.

January 18, 1866

A Freedmen's Bureau leader states that all freedmen must register themselves as vagrants if they remain unemployed by January 20th.

January 22, 1866

Emigration statistics show a relative lack of emigrants arriving in Virginia compared to the rest of the South.

January 23, 1866

A bill giving women the right to work as clerks fails again after receiving its third reading.

January 29, 1866

The Dispatch responds to a New York Tribune article that criticizes the Virginia Vagrant law.
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