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April 10, 1871

According to the Dispatch, the Kuklux bill that is being prepared in Congress is a violation of the Constitution. The bill is attempting to gain control over the 14th Amendment and be will be used for broader purposes that takes rights away from the…

March 27, 1871

Grant wants to overstep his bounds and violate the Constitution once again by intervening in Southern matters. He claims that there are disorderly people in South Carolina and wants to take action when he has no right to do so. The states have the…

March 22, 1871

Reconstruction and its supporters are a dying breed. The North is perpetuating this are failing to do so.

March 18, 1871

Richmond can build the Richmond-Petersburg rail line for 300,000 dollars, and be in control of one of the cities that connects the line as opposed to Mahone, who wants to build it without Virginia's interests in mind for almost double the price. The…

March 11, 1871

The Dispatch is questioning why General Mahone gets the sole rights to the railroad and takes it away from the city and the Virginian company. It is unfair that he gets every motion passed that he desires, and sacrifices the prosperity of Richmond.

March 11, 1871

There has been opposition to granting privileges, which the Dispatch views as absurd. The Chesapeake Ohio railroad is helping Richmond thrive and is doing great things for the city, and the Dispatch sees no reason to resist the growth of this…

March 7, 1871

The Dispatch condemns anyone who think that Mahone has any power over the rail between Richmond and Petersburg. Manipulation and injustice, perpetrated by Mahone, will prevent Richmond thriving.

March 3, 1871

The Legislature of Virginia is making a grave mistake by giving exclusive control to one railroad, for there are many rails that have individual purposes. This limits the growth and communication and access to other parts of the nation.

February 17, 1871

The Iron-Clad Oath was initiated so only Union men could take office and have power in the Union in the war, but that proved to be ineffective. The Test Oath was for rebels, but did not prohibit them from running for office. The Test Oath has been…

February 17, 1871

The Dispatch is asking for a direct rail to Washington, and is defending its endeavors and credibility. Richmond needs a direct line to Washington if it wants to be considered a prosperous city in both Virginia and the South overall.
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