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September 2, 1867

Discharged black soldiers are able to return to the north where they have much more freedom than the blacks in the south.

August 26, 1867

The Dispatch comments on The New York Tribune's newest article that states that President Johnson created a disruption by removing General Sheridan.They state that the Republican party will be angry and make "war" in Congress because Sheridan's…

September 23, 1867

A white man legally married a colored woman and ended up stealing her money with no repercussions or investigation on his part.

February 22, 1869

"At the Woman's Rights Convention in Chicago remarks were made by a colored woman," concerning why women should be afforded the right to vote.

July 1, 1868

George Ticknor is expressing how the North must repudiate itself from the South to let "negro" suffrage work out on its own, instead of forcing it on the South.

December 22, 1870

The war party is dying. With the end of the war party comes the end of any era where Congressed was "controlled by mere malice and vindictiveness." Now, many Conservatives are hopeful that in its place will come the rise a party of peace.

July 14, 1866

A large gang of blacks pass house to house, robbing and beating everyone. The leaders of the gang were arrested, but the crowd fought back and were not obedient to white authority.

July 5, 1870

A black man is questioning why now many are suppressing the suffrage of the Chinese immigrants to the country. He claims that it is similar to what happened to the negroes denial based upon the felt racial superiority of whites. He states that the…

April 8, 1868

Talk of mixed schools occurred yesterday in the Convention. Many white Radicals did not take to this proposal and warned black citizens to not violate a white man's right.

October 31, 1868

This democratic politician from Ohio is making the claim that Grant is in reality a democrat in disguise and he cites past times the Republicans elected closeted democrats as evidence and background.
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