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June 13, 1867

Recently a meeting took place at the African church with primarily black people in attendance.Themes of the meeting focus on equality, voting, and Virginia's prosperous future.Voting was emphasized, as one speaker, Charles W. Stovey, claims that…

July 19, 1867

Hunnicutt wants the Radical elements of Virginian reconstruction to remain in the hands of Radical people, not Conservatives.The Convention will be held in Richmond in August, where Hunnicutt will attempt to keep the government tilted Radical.The…

August 1, 1867

The Dispatch references Hunnicutt's influence on Reconstruction in Richmond.Recently, the Republican party has formed in Richmond and adopted many resolutions, including equality, free public education, and a just tax system.

August 2, 1867

People from the country in Virginia want more influence in the Republican party and wish that their voices be heard.Both white and black men are dissatisfied and both black and white men serve on the party executives.The speaker does not want an…

August 27, 1867

Republicans hold a meeting where Hunnicutt addresses a crown of about 200 white and black people.They met in order to discuss sustaining the New Nation paper, and concluded by asking each person to contribute 25 cents per week to help keep the…

August 28, 1867

A black military company formed four months ago in Hanover County as a reaction to new policies regarding black rights and Reconstruction.Virginia hopes to eliminate this organization, as the men in it have caused disturbances at many speeches,…

October 19, 1867

Large Republican opposition towards Hunnicut led to means of persuasion to get all the black voters to vote for Hunnicutt.

October 26, 1867

Virginia has been subjected to forced "negro" suffrage as they bartered for amnesty while other states such as Ohio still refuse to give suffrage to "colored" men."

October 30, 1867

Hunnicutt publicly thanks the "colored" voters for being civil and doing their most to support him while he received threats and acts of violence from whites.

January 7, 1868

A Republican Newspaper that will circulate in Richmond has emerged. The Republican paper includes multiple errors, although intelligent and meritable arguments are included in the novel paper as well.
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