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November 14, 1870

After the failing of the carpet-baggers from the North in the recent elections, white southerners have issued out a warning of sorts - do not try and come down to the south and take a single thing that belongs to them.

April 1, 1869

Grant is tired of the headache that comes with Reconstructing Virginia. Sources report that he "cussed" to some of the carpet-baggers.

December 7, 1868

The Dispatch updates its readers on the activities of the despited Carpet-Baggers from Virginia. Apparently they were in DC, trying to keep the continuance of the Freedmen

November 30, 1868

Hunnicutt's column in the paper New Nation is reduced in its frequency. His last column was is blasting the unconstitutionality of the iron-clad oath.

November 27, 1868

The Dispatch writes another article on Rev. Hunnicutt. In this article, Hunnicutt isquoted as going through his usual tap-dance of bashing carpet-baggers" for not caringabout the blacks only their political gain. The uniqueness of this article comes…

November 19, 1868

The Dispatch continues its updates on Hunnicutt.

November 7, 1868

The Dispatch reports on Hunnicutt again. This tim he is taking aim at the Freedmen bureau.

November 4, 1868

Another rant against Carpet-Baggers by Hunnicutt that the Dispatch liked enough to publish. Warns these men are only seeking office to help themselves and hurt Virginians. Warns Virginians to guard their rights

November 3, 1868

Article mainly consists of a quote from Rev. Hunnicutt in which he gives a very fire and brimstone speech. He makes claims that the Radical are trying to defame and dishonor the good men of Virginia while at the same time filling their own pockets…

November 3, 1868

The Dispatch reports that Hunnicutt is very unhappy with Grant winning the election. In fact he even scheduled an anti-party in response to election win parties organized by General Wells in Petersburg.
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