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May 1, 1868

The northern Radicals blame the southern Conservatives for the hostility towards races to win the "negro" vote.

July 19, 1867

Hunnicutt wants the Radical elements of Virginian reconstruction to remain in the hands of Radical people, not Conservatives.The Convention will be held in Richmond in August, where Hunnicutt will attempt to keep the government tilted Radical.The…

February 18, 1868

Hunnicutt ridicules office-seekers calling them "bores". He thinks little of these individuals who solely hope for a position of office, which is quite hypocritical coming from him.

November 14, 1870

After the failing of the carpet-baggers from the North in the recent elections, white southerners have issued out a warning of sorts - do not try and come down to the south and take a single thing that belongs to them.

August 28, 1867

A black military company formed four months ago in Hanover County as a reaction to new policies regarding black rights and Reconstruction.Virginia hopes to eliminate this organization, as the men in it have caused disturbances at many speeches,…

February 17, 1868

A Republican newspaper known for its unsympathetic and harsh review of the South has strangely disappeared.

October 19, 1867

Large Republican opposition towards Hunnicut led to means of persuasion to get all the black voters to vote for Hunnicutt.

November 4, 1868

Another rant against Carpet-Baggers by Hunnicutt that the Dispatch liked enough to publish. Warns these men are only seeking office to help themselves and hurt Virginians. Warns Virginians to guard their rights

April 15, 1867

General Schofield is fighting for more rights for previous rebels by trying to allow rebels who were forced to pledge allegiance to the Confederacy voting rights.

June 13, 1867

Republican politicians and speakers visit Richmond to address the factions in the Radical party in Virginia.They want to unite the party in order to gain power in Virginia and keep the government from Conservative hands.They come to Richmond for…
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