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January 17, 1866

According to The Dispatch, the economic and populous advantage that the South has over the North suggests that the South will hold more economic power than the North in coming years.

January 18, 1866

Following the end of slavery, farmers in Virginia seek cheap labor.

March 2, 1866

Despite the passing of many bills that address the interest of private companies, some argue that no meaningful immigration legislation passes in Virginia.

March 3, 1866

Immigration-related legislation has been passed through House of Delegates

June 23, 1866

Virginians claim they have open arms for all immigrants willing to buy land, work or contribute to their community. However, they feel they do not have to respect incomers that believe former Confederates should be disfranchised and blacks given…

November 1, 1866

A brief article is published noting the increase in immigration after the war. Nearly 2,000 Germans immigrate to America each week and it seems likely that immigration is only going to increase.

April 17, 1867

Richmond and Virginia are struggling in the industry business and making a profit. All the resources are available, and that is why the people of Virginia are trying to figure out the best method of dividing up land to find better ways to prosper.

April 22, 1867

The Southern States are following orders of the acts that Congress pass, accordingly in hopes to quicken the process to creating prosperity.

April 27, 1867

To the South's surprise, many Northerners are willing to accept southern states back into Congress if they follow the proper provisions and acts of Congress.

August 1, 1867

The Dispatch references Hunnicutt's influence on Reconstruction in Richmond.Recently, the Republican party has formed in Richmond and adopted many resolutions, including equality, free public education, and a just tax system.
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