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January 1, 1868

The obnoxious and excessive measures the Radical policies have placed on the lives of Southern citizens are nothing more than a burden. The Radical plan is a failure as it is decreasing contentment and prosperity, implementing excessive taxes, and…

January 15, 1868

The Dispatch accuses the North of taking all the immigrants coming to the US and keeping them there. The South needs a labor force but the wicked North ensures the South is stuck with a split white and black population. If immigrants were to move to…

January 16, 1868

In an open letter to the white men of Virginia racist attitudes are promoted and pushed upon these young men. Two goals of: 1. Caucasian Supremacy and 2. Development are encouraged to these young men. The young men of Virginia must align their…

January 17, 1868

The return of Southerners to Virginia will be extremely beneficial to the South as these "immigrants" will work hard to rebuild the beloved state. Northern immigrants will also flood Virginia, their motivation mostly economic. Any economic activity…

February 1, 1868

Support for immigration of Europeans to Southern states is presented. These immigrants will be beneficial bringing with them money and labor skills, both of which are necessary to rebuild the economy.

February 3, 1868

Hunnicutt, siding with the Radicals, supports immigration. Hunnicutt's reasoning behind this is to win over the support of the Radicals so that he may expand his political influence. One may say Hunnicutt is simply an opportunist others may argue…

February 6, 1868

In a more optimistic sense the Dispatch illustrates what the bright future of a restored and prosperous Virginia may hold. All that prevents progression to a restored South is the political transition into the Union.

March 28, 1868

Immigrants are more than welcome in Virginia. These immigrants will help strengthen Virginia rapidly as they are steady and organized workers, more so than black citizens.

April 17, 1868

White foreigners and other white citizens will gravitate toward Virginia and her untapped potential and natural resources. The Dispatch clarifies that black and white citizens behave very differently. The white laborer demands order and is able to…

May 16, 1868

Virginia is the State most suitable for the Swiss immigrants due to the climate. The southern states are desperate for immigrants due to the abolition of slavery.
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