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July 24, 1869

Republicans are proposing a bill in congress to deter Chinese immigration. They want to pass a bill that would make "all contracts for labor entered into in a foreign country shall be null and void the moment the immigrant with whom the contract is…

July 7, 1869

White Virginians feel the need to slow the immigration of Chinese to America. American blood should not be mixed with inferior, non-white blood.

June 23, 1869

The election for Governor is occurring in two weeks. If Walker wins, Virginia will prosper, and Walker will "clear the desert of distress and poverty."Contrastingly if Wells wins, Virginia may suffer "prolongation indefinitely of despondency."

June 23, 1869

The Dispatch is scared that people will start demanding voting rights for the Chinese Immigrants. The Dispatch strongly believes the U.S. is its strongest when only white male are governing the country. They point to the diversity in Spain and South…

May 29, 1869

It is imperative to vote for Mr. Walker as Governor. He will save the State from "degradation and prostration."

May 22, 1869

The Commercial Convention is going to be held to determine how best to rebuild infrastructure--specifically railroads-- in the south.

April 29, 1869

The restoration of Virginia to the Union will be the most important event of all that have occurred in the "lamentably slow" process of reconstruction. Virginia will regain its prosperity and growth to exceed its place in antebellum America. It is…

March 22, 1869

Govenor Wells is trying to postpone elections in Virginia in order to keep his own posiiton of power. Well "is wholly mercenary, governed by mere selfishness, and strives to make his place sure at the expense of the people of Virginia and the…

February 18, 1869

A court case regarding a women who was moved to a different train car that was specifically for black individuals.

January 21, 1869

Letter from the Virginia committee to the senate judiciary committee. The committee does not agree with universal suffrage because the recent freedmen in their current uneducated state, are unsafe depositories of political power. However, due to the…
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