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March 23, 1871

The Washington and Richmond line will connect the two cities and bring even more prosperity and national connections, immigration and wealth to the city of Richmond.

January 17, 1871

General Mahone, who unfairly seized the Richmond railroad, had an agenda when taking away power from Virginia railroads. Virginians do not hate capitalists, something he tried to claim, and the Dispatch warns the him from making these calculated…

September 22, 1870

Those in the north, specifically those in New England, have been calling for more and more outside labor, particularly from African-Americans and Asian immigrants. It is the hope of white southerners that the North states become so populated with…

August 8, 1870

Virginia is six years out of the Civil War and has survived Reconstruction. Therefore, the population must remain politically united and elect qualified leaders in order to encourage economic prosperity through agriculture and manufacturing and…

January 17, 1870

"Colored people" are heading south because their anatomy is supposedly better suited for more tropical climates. Virginia is going to become a "better" state for being whiter.

August 7, 1869

The labor of black men is better than the labor the Chinese can offer. Blacks know our culture and are great laborers due to white's bettering their kind during slavery. Our labor system will not improve-- in fact it will decline-- if we replace…

August 6, 1869

The immigration of the Chinese to America is problematic because they will take jobs and opportunities from the "negroes". The blacks are not leaving or diminishing in number, so it is important that we are able to provide them with jobs; Chinese…

August 5, 1869

All Virginians are opposed to Chinese immigration. One of the main reasons they are opposed to this immigration is because the immigrants steal jobs from current Virginians.

August 2, 1869

Chinese workers are taking jobs away from hardworking southerners. Their immigration is not beneficial. It would be a good idea to "erect a Chinese wall and keep these coolies out."

July 29, 1869

Some southerners are trying to replace their slave labor with Chinese immigrants, but these immigrants will harm America collectively.
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