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August 6, 1869

The immigration of the Chinese to America is problematic because they will take jobs and opportunities from the "negroes". The blacks are not leaving or diminishing in number, so it is important that we are able to provide them with jobs; Chinese…

May 25, 1868

There are Capitalists from Philadelphia finding business in Richmond due to the ideal conditions and extreme mineral wealth.

October 29, 1868

The Dispatch reports on the goings and proceedings of the second annual Chamber of Commerce

June 23, 1869

The Dispatch is scared that people will start demanding voting rights for the Chinese Immigrants. The Dispatch strongly believes the U.S. is its strongest when only white male are governing the country. They point to the diversity in Spain and South…

January 18, 1866

Following the end of slavery, farmers in Virginia seek cheap labor.

March 22, 1869

Govenor Wells is trying to postpone elections in Virginia in order to keep his own posiiton of power. Well "is wholly mercenary, governed by mere selfishness, and strives to make his place sure at the expense of the people of Virginia and the…

October 1, 1868

Article is about how Richmond has not just recovered from the Civil War but how it iseven better than before with newer and improved housing. People and businessmen aremoving back to Richmond because they see it as a great future player in the…

January 1, 1868

The obnoxious and excessive measures the Radical policies have placed on the lives of Southern citizens are nothing more than a burden. The Radical plan is a failure as it is decreasing contentment and prosperity, implementing excessive taxes, and…

April 17, 1867

Richmond and Virginia are struggling in the industry business and making a profit. All the resources are available, and that is why the people of Virginia are trying to figure out the best method of dividing up land to find better ways to prosper.

February 3, 1868

Hunnicutt, siding with the Radicals, supports immigration. Hunnicutt's reasoning behind this is to win over the support of the Radicals so that he may expand his political influence. One may say Hunnicutt is simply an opportunist others may argue…
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