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February 16, 1866

Conservatives call for the impeachment of President Johnson as Congressional decisions regarding the Freedmen's Bureau come to light.

May 19, 1866

Controversy continues in the South over constitutionality of Civil Rights act. Southerners debate the rationality of granting full citizenship to black Louisiana prisoners.

June 2, 1866

White Southerners report that Thaddeus Stevens threatens the execution of Johnson's impeachment. According to them, he is instigated by the devil and his actions will end up harming only himself.

September 8, 1866

Citing the increase distrust and malice towards the former rebels and southerners felt in Philadelphia after the Radical Convention, there is a strong plea to ensure southern Conservatives vote. Suggesting Republican control of government would serve…

September 13, 1866

After weeks of speculation, it becomes all but certain that the Radical Republicans will maintain if not grow their lead in congress. Suggesting the only way to slow the radical reconstruction policies is for the southerners and the northern…

September 20, 1866

Angered by the current treatment of the South and the reports published by Radical newspapers, the editor of the Dispatch suggests that the North be treated the same way the South was treated during the war. The editor suggests that newspaper be…

October 15, 1866

In a speech, Mr. Boutwell admitted that it is unlikely that President Johnson will be impeached, but he did offer an optimistic prediction for the future.

November 8, 1866

A letter from a Northern man forced to move to Mississippi is published. The letter says that he started his journey South in favor of impeaching President Johnson, but the people he has met and the experiences he has had in the South has made him…

November 27, 1866

The Dispatch publishes a long article attacking the radicals and many of their views.

December 3, 1866

Today marks the beginning of the next session of Congress. People across the nation, including Richmonders, will soon know what to expect out of the Radical Congress, but as for now the newspaper admits they have only rumors to report.
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