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January 8, 1867

Congressmen are charging and accusing President Johnson with the misuse of his powers with the corrupt use of the veto, and are calling for his impeachment.

January 9, 1867

Different propositions are being sent to the Reconstruction Committee of Congress, including one of the impeachment of Johnson. They do not discuss it, as the choose to follow the proposition about reorganizing civil governments in the previous…

January 11, 1867

People of the country are starting to tire of Reconstruction and radicals from both ends of the spectrum. People from North and South, having to deal with an impeachment of their president and other factors, are starting to regret electing such…

January 14, 1867

Lloyd Garrison addresses the issue of the press' opinion on impeachment and counters it. He believes that since the Constitution gives Americans the right to Impeach if necessary it should be used based off the mockery of Johnson.

January 15, 1867

Due to the thought of the American President becoming impeachment, Europe is returning many securities and bonds because of the instability of the American government right now.

January 16, 1867

A man who was backing the impeachment of Johnson has turned his back, now stating people who back Congressmen who root for impeachment are ridiculous and do not speak by the book.

January 22, 1867

The North and South are finally starting to agree on topics, seeing that most northern and southern states have ratified the incoming Amendment. They are starting to appreciate each other despite further efforts from the North to disenfranchise the…

January 30, 1867

Radicals and Extremists of Congress are losing ground as they have either quarrel amongst themselves or they are failing in their efforts.

February 4, 1867

Congressmen debated and argued over the use of their power of Impeachment. While it started with just talk of Johnson's Impeachment soon spread to other civil officers of Government, including General Grant.

February 5, 1867

Many senators who very recently were supporters of Johnsons Impeachment are retracting their support, stating it was only a way to get more votes. The large portion of the group that wanted Johnson impeached has dwindled, and there were no actions…
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