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December 10, 1870

The Dispatch, and the South as whole, has a warning for everyone: watch out. The "Federal tyranny" has used its tools to take possession of the ballot boxes in the city of Richmond, and no sooner will they begin to take control in the North.

September 24, 1870

The Republican convention has passed, and the Republicans have given their platform for the upcoming election. With that platform in mind, a commentary is given of the Platform.

April 30, 1870

Chief Justice Chase renders his final decision on the case. Ellyson is the rightful mayor of Richmond.

April 20, 1870

The proceedings from a day in court between Chahoon and Ellyson. Mr. Daniel and General Wells hold the floor.

April 8, 1870

Chief Justice Chase begins hearing the case of Ellyson v. Chahoon.

April 5, 1870

Ellyson wants to prove that the attempts by the United States to depose him are unconstitutional.

March 25, 1870

The debate on the constitutionality of appointing officials to elective offices continues.

February 15, 1870

Rivalries over railroads are beginning to surface in Virginia between the different factions of society.

February 14, 1870

Reconstruction starts to take on a new meaning for Virginians. It means the recovery of Virginia's infrastructure and the rebuilding of its status as one of the great states.

January 22, 1870

The admission of Virginia finally makes it through Congress.
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