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November 8, 1866

A letter from a Northern man forced to move to Mississippi is published. The letter says that he started his journey South in favor of impeaching President Johnson, but the people he has met and the experiences he has had in the South has made him…

April 29, 1868

Thaddeus Stevens, a leader of the Radical Republicans, acts as a manager of the impeachment trial. Stevens lobbies for the conviction of Mr. Johnson.

February 12, 1868

Johnson's impeachment trial has been moved to the next step. The impeachment case is currently under review by the Committee on Reconstruction, which will report a decision on the trial as soon as possible.

January 30, 1868

The procedure of Johnson's impeachment trial is organized. Once the trial begins a maximum of five "Managers" will be appointed to oversee the trial.

February 18, 1868

A surprisingly cheerful Johnson chats with a news reporter about his impending impeachment and the charges against him including his order to Grant to ignore any orders from Stanton unless verified they were sent from the Executive. General Grant is…

March 31, 1868

Butler will present the prosecution at the commencement of the impeachment trial. It is also speculated that in the next presidential election a candidate from a third party will compete for the Presidency as well.

April 2, 1868

Butler gave a speech yesterday attacking President Johnson. The possibility that Johnson will be acquitted is more popular. Impeachment itself is losing publicity just as Reconstruction did. The wearisome trial is quite unpredictable.

March 25, 1870

The debate on the constitutionality of appointing officials to elective offices continues.

April 2, 1867

As Congress adjourns, final talk of impeachment of President Johnson settles down. Unless something extraordinary occurs, no talk of impeachment will occur again until adjournment in December.

January 22, 1867

The North and South are finally starting to agree on topics, seeing that most northern and southern states have ratified the incoming Amendment. They are starting to appreciate each other despite further efforts from the North to disenfranchise the…
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