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January 25, 1866

Arguments surround a bill guaranteeing the admission of African American evidence in courts of law.

February 15, 1866

Following a New York Tribune passage about the President's supposed veto of the Freedmen's Bureau bill, the Dispatch offers satirical comments about the President's role in the suffrage movement.

February 16, 1866

Conservatives call for the impeachment of President Johnson as Congressional decisions regarding the Freedmen's Bureau come to light.

February 21, 1866

Speculation arises as the Freedmen's bill passes through the Senate without the support of President Johnson.

February 21, 1866

The Washington Constitutional Union'praises the lord' after Andrew Johnson's reported veto of the Freedmen's bill.

February 26, 1866

The Freedmen's Bureau will continue to operate as Johnson supports its existence despite the Bureau's "corrupt and incapacitated" nature.

February 27, 1866

Hon. Sherrard Clemens demonstrates his support for Andrew Johnson in an effort to reassure southerners of Johnson's ability to lead.

March 3, 1866

Generals Grant and Sherman believe an attempt to force suffrage unto the south would "deluge the whole land in blood"

March 6, 1866

President Johnson's speech drew a "dividing line between the friends and opponents of the Administration" and was delivered during the celebration of Washington's birthday.

March 9, 1866

Radicals now believe Johnson's egotism embodies the "spirit of evil" and that he is looking to crush Congress
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