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February 27, 1871

Virginia's Senator Johnson's term is about to end, and although there are many qualified candidates, the press has overwhelmingly supported Johnson for another term.

February 14, 1871

The Supreme Court began hearing the case between Virginia and West Virginia regarding their border and what property belongs to which state.

February 8, 1871

The Senate rejects the final settlement of arbitration about the debt dispute between Virginia and West Virginia. The Dispatch is critical, acknowledging that no solution is going to be perfect in satisfying both states. The Dispatch defends its…

January 20, 1871

The Senate appointed a committee to assess the progress of the South, for there is looming fear of the Republican party's future unity. The committee will also examine reports against public peace perpetrated before Johnson's Proclamation of Peace.

January 18, 1871

Since the war, Richmond has grown. People have migrated to the cities, including distinguished members of the Richmond Bar. Citizens cannot complain about the city, for it has shown significant strengths in post-war rebuilding and prosperity.

January 17, 1871

Senator Lewis, a Radical Republican, along with his fellow party members, is pushing for racial equality and to have African-Americans serve in office. According to the Dispatch, Lewis is overstepping his bounds and Grant is annoyed with the Radicals…

January 11, 1871

There is a meeting about the Anti-Ring, or Radical Republicans, in which citizens will discuss their deceptive ways. This meeting has been set up to reunite and fix the Republican party.

December 10, 1870

The Dispatch, and the South as whole, has a warning for everyone: watch out. The "Federal tyranny" has used its tools to take possession of the ballot boxes in the city of Richmond, and no sooner will they begin to take control in the North.

December 10, 1870

In what the conservatives are calling an act of Radical persecution, a Conservative Judge has been arrested for a violation of the Enforcement act on the day of December 9th. The judge allegedly took a ballot box during elections, and swapped it out…

November 3, 1870

In an attempt to gain more black voters, the Conservatives have sent a message to the blacks of the district to think about who they really want to be representing them.
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