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April 23, 1866

Tensions between the North and South continue to escalate, as the New York News calls out the "barbarism" of Southern society.

August 26, 1867

The Dispatch comments on The New York Tribune's newest article that states that President Johnson created a disruption by removing General Sheridan.They state that the Republican party will be angry and make "war" in Congress because Sheridan's…

October 22, 1867

A "colored" man speaks out to his fellow "colored" citizens about the important decision they must make in the election as they are currently being taken advantage of and will continue to be mistreated by their employers if they make the wrong…

June 27, 1868

Tennessee has accomplished more in their short span after gaining their rights than the Northerners did during all of Reconstruction.

June 1, 1869

The "negro" Adman Franklin was executed for the murder of a white man named Haxall Johnson.

July 14, 1866

A large gang of blacks pass house to house, robbing and beating everyone. The leaders of the gang were arrested, but the crowd fought back and were not obedient to white authority.

May 12, 1866

There is no doubt of the amendment's passage at this point, and Radicals are doing everything in their power to oppose Johnson. Only nineteen states will be needed for passage of the amendment.

October 31, 1868

This democratic politician from Ohio is making the claim that Grant is in reality a democrat in disguise and he cites past times the Republicans elected closeted democrats as evidence and background.

March 9, 1866

Radicals now believe Johnson's egotism embodies the "spirit of evil" and that he is looking to crush Congress

November 8, 1866

A letter from a Northern man forced to move to Mississippi is published. The letter says that he started his journey South in favor of impeaching President Johnson, but the people he has met and the experiences he has had in the South has made him…
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