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January 4, 1866

The murder of a white police officer by African Americans heightens racial tensions in Alabama.

January 22, 1866

Federal legislators demand that southerners integrate schools and colleges in return for the ability to use public land for industrial colleges.

May 4, 1866

Lee describes the feeling of acceptance of defeat in the South, brought by the President's moderate policy opposed by Radicals. The President is not asking for a swarm of black voters, but simply political honesty and abandonment of former views by…

May 7, 1866

Racial tension throughout the South results in different cases of rioting. A dispute between whites and blacks leads to rioting and violence.

May 8, 1866

Memphis riots finally come to a close; no black churches stand in the city from the burnings and violence. Strict military control puts a halt to most of the fighting between whites and blacks of the city.

May 9, 1866

For preservation of southern values and religion, the YMCA is important for the young men of the south. The volunteering philanthropists of the North should not be trusted to teach the truth to the children of the South.

June 1, 1866

Southerners praise the cause of the soldiers that they lost, describing them as "unselfish, pure, devoted and of great character." Richmond honors their fallen Confederate soldiers.

June 8, 1866

Johnson announces the only way the Union can be restored is if the North and South can end strife, let peace do the repairing, and avoid reopening the wounds of war.

June 16, 1866

Dispatch editors claim the nation has made a mistake; since the war, the white Southerner has become enslaved while the black man liberated. The white Southerner is undeserving of this- they had the large responsibility of managing slaves and their…

June 18, 1866

Marriage of a white schoolteacher of freedmen and a black man causes commotion in the South; the couple chooses to move to North to escape oppression.
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