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June 29, 1866

Northerners complain that Jefferson Davis is living a life of luxury while he is supposed to be imprisoned.

September 15, 1866

Realizing that black suffrage cannot be defeated, plans on how to maintain some power and control are being suggested. One is for southern landowners to refuse to employ any "negro", thus forcing them to flee to the north in order to find work.…

October 2, 1866

The newspapers engages in a debate about whether or not the south should repudiate their war debts. The editorial eventually comes to the conclusion that the South should not be forced to repudiate their war debts.

October 4, 1866

The newspaper accuses the Radicals of lying in order to ensure they win in the upcoming elections, then the Dispatch rebukes those false statements about General Lee and his role at Washington College and the connection to Virginia Military…

October 13, 1866

The Dispatch publishes an opinion editorial that says popular education is the key to true Reconstruction in the south, and that is even more essential for the people of the South to be taught by Southerners, not Northerners.

October 19, 1866

Now that there is a proposed amendment to the constitution, the Dispatch is pointing out the provisions it has a problem with. The editors say the reason this amendment will be rejected by the legislatures of all southern states is because it…

November 15, 1866

General Grant has nullified his previous order requiring the army to arrest any citizens accused of a crime that the civil authorities refuse to arrest. The Dispatch is very happy with this decision.

November 24, 1866

Mr. Rives is proposing to publish a new paper in Richmond titled, The Southern Opinion. He is aiming to attract a pro-South audience.

March 10, 1867

Many are starting to lose faith in the power that the President claims he has, but does a terrible job at enforcing it. He casts out vetoes to protect the Constitution, yet he gives Congress many other benefits to work around his vetoes.

April 8, 1867

General Lee speaks out about his position on Reconstruction of the South. Lee does not want his opinion published as he knows he is a paroled prisoner and has no place in politics.
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