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March 6, 1871

The Pennsylvania railroad company is once again is manipulating the railroad companies in Virginia, this time with the assistance of North Carolina. The Richmond and Petersburg railroad is going to be sold to a bigger railroad company. The Dispatch…

February 20, 1871

The Dispatch details the system of elections that will be used in the upcoming years to come. Due to reapportionment, there will be an entirely new General Assembly, who, due to this intentional redistricting, results in an all-white state…

January 28, 1871

The Virginia Radicals are overbearing and are not needed. Grant is annoyed with them and implies that they need to return to Virginia to continue to unite their party.

January 26, 1871

Congress has passed a low in which the North will supervise elections in the South, in order to keep the northern status quo and to keep Republicans in office. This usurpation and control of the election process represents the Union's view of the…

January 17, 1871

Black men are too inclined to slavery to be independent. Before the abolishment of slavery, there was a cooperative labor system. Now, White farmers should not have to be proponents of slave liberation, for the sacrifice of losing slaves was more…

December 29, 1870

One of Richmond's most talented artists has bestowed upon the state something incredible - a portrait of the late General Robert E. Lee. A portrait described as being "a splendid work of art, and the most life-like and accurate picture of Lee," is…

December 15, 1870

In response to an article in the Petersburg Index, the Daily Dispatch wants everyone to know that they have no fears about the future of the Conservative party in Richmond. Not only that, but it is believed by many Conservatives that theirs will be…

December 1, 1870

Despite General Lee dying a short time ago, many have come forward with biographies of his life. However, one biography stands to be more reliable and desirable than all others - one written by Colonel Marshall.

November 14, 1870

After the failing of the carpet-baggers from the North in the recent elections, white southerners have issued out a warning of sorts - do not try and come down to the south and take a single thing that belongs to them.

November 10, 1870

Richmond needs railraods, as argued by this article, as railroads will propel Richmond forward in commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, and population.
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