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December 15, 1870

In response to an article in the Petersburg Index, the Daily Dispatch wants everyone to know that they have no fears about the future of the Conservative party in Richmond. Not only that, but it is believed by many Conservatives that theirs will be…

October 14, 1870

In response to a New York Times article empowering African-Americans against those whites who have "shown by word or deed since 1865 this cruel and ungodly pride," The Daily Dispatch has a different solution for African-Americans. The article urges…

September 2, 1867

Discharged black soldiers are able to return to the north where they have much more freedom than the blacks in the south.

October 18, 1870

Despite being African-American and a Conservative, Abram Hall made the choice to speak out during the Radical Nomination Convention. He was met with anger from the ground, and was forced to leave, only to return later, backed this time by both white…

January 1, 1868

A local Radical delegate to the Constitutional Convention was publicly caned on a street in Richmond. The Radical delegate entered a store to confront another citizen about the rude remarks he had made concerning the delegate's political character.…

September 22, 1869

General Kelley proposes an addition to the 15th Ammendment.

October 11, 1869

General Canby has a trick up his sleeve in hopes of slowing down the end to Reconstruction.

August 10, 1868

The Radicals from the North that have infested Virginia have done more harm than good.

September 7, 1870

A, "large negro man," broke into a home and attempted to kidnap a young lady living thee. His attempts provided unsuccessful, and a large party of those living in the neighborhood has gathered in search of the man.

May 2, 1870

The Confederacy has sold lands during sequestration and the validity of these sales is being discussed in addition to the payments that should be required for damages done to said properties.
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