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May 9, 1866

For preservation of southern values and religion, the YMCA is important for the young men of the south. The volunteering philanthropists of the North should not be trusted to teach the truth to the children of the South.

January 3, 1870

The South had a chance to end the Civil War, but they did not take it and now there are regrets.

February 18, 1868

With black and white citizens split, all or most of these newly freedmen are being pursued by Radicals. Radicals fill these black citizen's minds with lies and completely turn them against white Southerners who care more for them than any Northerner…

May 4, 1869

General Lee and President Grant met at the White House. However, General Lee did not wish to discuss Reconstruction with the President at this time.

January 13, 1870

Virginia will be admitted to the Union without further sanctions.

January 13, 1868

When Virginia and other southern states seceded and gave rise to the Confederacy they were seen as being unconstitutional. Now they are treated as conquered territories and not a part of the nation which is more unconstitutional than secession.

February 20, 1869

The government and its people are tired of arguing about the disabilities being removed or not.

June 8, 1868

The South could have been reconstructed in a matter of days within the past three years, but the Radicals are using Reconstruction for their own selfish gains. In order to save the Union, there must be a new approach to Reconstruction that is purely…

May 14, 1867

Mayor Mayo gives his opinion on the recent disturbances between freedmen and policemen.He intends to make everyone follow every law, regardless of race.

March 18, 1870

The former Mayor Chahoon holes up in the Old Market and is besieged by Ellyson's police force.
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