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January 9, 1866

The Dispatch highlights the repercussions of readmission and the shift of representation that would occur should freedmen be counted as people.

January 13, 1866

Congress discusses the repeal of the Test Oath as southerners fight for readmission.

May 1, 1866

By proposing an official order for the Speaker of the House to properly fulfill duties which he is obligated to, admission of Southern representatives in Congress may be secured. Southern representatives want to present themselves in front of…

May 16, 1866

Unionist John Botts is criticized for his solution for restoring the nation: Anyone who wants to hold officemust swear that they were never in support of the Confederacy. This enactment would take away life, liberty and property of many men, and…

May 19, 1866

Controversy continues in the South over constitutionality of Civil Rights act. Southerners debate the rationality of granting full citizenship to black Louisiana prisoners.

June 11, 1866

The proposed amendment is to be ratified by three-fourths of the states. It will guarantee citizenship for blacks, and enfranchise all males 21 and older, except those previously involved with the Confederacy.

July 28, 1866

Southerners are advocates of the Philadelphia Convention because it requires both parties to discuss the issue of their states being readmitted into the Union. White Southerners hope the test oath will be ruled as unconstitutional because it is the…

August 7, 1866

Radicals claim that General Sheridan is placing the blame for the late New Orleans riots on certain former rebels. No one knows for certain the details of the riots yet, but most assume violence was provoked by angry former rebels.

September 15, 1866

In an effort to place the Southern Conservative cause as a fight for greater personal freedom, guaranteed by the constitution and its fundamental principles, the southern cause is compared to the actions of the Carthaginians, the Barons of England,…

September 22, 1866

Commenting a recent court opinion out of New Hampshire that made a test oath unconstitutional, the editor of the paper is very pleased with this decision.
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