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October 6, 1866

Commenting on the Test Oath that is being proposed across the nation, the newspaper points out its implications. The editor says the real purpose of the test oath is aimed at banning anyone who won't support the Radical ticket.

November 1, 1866

The official language of the proposed constitutional amendment was released and it contains a clause stating anyone who attempted to rebel from the Union or gave aid to those rebelling is disqualified from holding or running for elective office. This…

November 2, 1866

A Radical paper suggests that the Southern states should ratify the amendment so that they can participate in the next election. The Dispatch says there is no point to participate in these elections if the best men of the South, those who supported…

November 23, 1866

The Dispatch publishes the full text of the proposed 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This amendment has served as an epicenter of debate across the Nation since its introduction.

December 14, 1866

Under this fear inspiring title, the Dispatch says it is unsurprising that every action taken by the Congress of the United States is focused of subjugation.

December 20, 1866

The Supreme Court has reached a decision on the question of the Test Oath. Although the official opinion has not been released, all signs indicate that the Supreme Court found the oath unconstitutional.

January 1, 1867

A Southerner speaks at towards the Northern Democrats of Congress, calling them cowardly and regretful of beliefs towards the war.

January 7, 1867

Thad Stevens proposes bill to disenfranchise anyone who pledge allegiance to south. Another Congressman counters Stevens and says almost all southerners declared allegiance at one point, so it would be unreasonable and unethical.

January 9, 1867

Different propositions are being sent to the Reconstruction Committee of Congress, including one of the impeachment of Johnson. They do not discuss it, as the choose to follow the proposition about reorganizing civil governments in the previous…

January 24, 1867

A bill was passed that prevented Confederate lawyers from practicing in U.S. courts. The vote took hours, as the democrats distracted congress (i.e. filibusters) to delay voting. Warrants were placed out for members who left unexcused.
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