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January 24, 1867

A bill was passed that prevented Confederate lawyers from practicing in U.S. courts. The vote took hours, as the democrats distracted congress (i.e. filibusters) to delay voting. Warrants were placed out for members who left unexcused.

January 13, 1866

Congress discusses the repeal of the Test Oath as southerners fight for readmission.

November 1, 1866

The official language of the proposed constitutional amendment was released and it contains a clause stating anyone who attempted to rebel from the Union or gave aid to those rebelling is disqualified from holding or running for elective office. This…

October 11, 1869

General Canby has a trick up his sleeve in hopes of slowing down the end to Reconstruction.

May 7, 1868

Men, Women, Black, White, and other nationalities are all gathered to voice their displeasures towards Mayor Mayo.

April 29, 1868

Thaddeus Stevens, a leader of the Radical Republicans, acts as a manager of the impeachment trial. Stevens lobbies for the conviction of Mr. Johnson.

September 22, 1866

Commenting a recent court opinion out of New Hampshire that made a test oath unconstitutional, the editor of the paper is very pleased with this decision.

May 5, 1868

Conservatives are willing to fight against the new Constitution of Virginia at the Conservative Convention to save the great state of Virginia.

November 23, 1866

The Dispatch publishes the full text of the proposed 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This amendment has served as an epicenter of debate across the Nation since its introduction.

May 2, 1870

The Confederacy has sold lands during sequestration and the validity of these sales is being discussed in addition to the payments that should be required for damages done to said properties.
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