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March 12, 1867

The South has been in a state of compliance with Congress for the past 2 years through all restrictions and regulations placed on them. General Howard finally seeks to grant Southerners a path back to normality and to restore the humanity of the…

May 8, 1867

A controversial meeting took place among Republicans involving Radical proposals.The African church was filled with people, primarily colored, and a speaker gave an extremely Radical speech, claiming that black people are superior to white people.

June 10, 1867

Northerners trying to buy cheap land or material from Virginians should be embarrassed for doing so.In order to Virginia to regain its dignity and prosperity, Virginians need to make money, and to accomplish this, Virginians need to be allowed to…

June 18, 1867

Registration for voting began in the Third Ward of Richmond yesterday.At the building, there were two doors, one for black men and one for white men.The number of people registered is 185 white men and 144 black men.

August 23, 1867

The summer vacation for students is coming to a close as August is ending.The Dispatch says this raises some questions as to where families will send their children to school.The Dispatch states that anyone who is able to send their children to…

September 24, 1867

Recounting of how the Rebel cruelties towards "negroes" affect the public sense.

January 16, 1868

In an open letter to the white men of Virginia racist attitudes are promoted and pushed upon these young men. Two goals of: 1. Caucasian Supremacy and 2. Development are encouraged to these young men. The young men of Virginia must align their…

January 17, 1868

The return of Southerners to Virginia will be extremely beneficial to the South as these "immigrants" will work hard to rebuild the beloved state. Northern immigrants will also flood Virginia, their motivation mostly economic. Any economic activity…

January 18, 1868

Frustration with Congress is expressed. Any plans or actions Congress has taken are not helpful and progress within the nation is stunted. With the return of power to white authority, order and systemized labor will follow.

February 1, 1868

Current life in the South is illustrated as drear with unimaginable famine. The decay of Virginia is terrible with the crop at an all time low. Previously happy "negroes" are now starving and unable to find jobs.
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