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January 13, 1866

Congress discusses the repeal of the Test Oath as southerners fight for readmission.

January 20, 1866

The House votes to pass the proposed Suffrage bill, angering the editors at the Dispatch.

January 23, 1866

The Radicals "scheme" to guarantee African American suffrage in the District, and the possible outcomes of such legislation worries the Dispatch.

January 25, 1866

Arguments surround a bill guaranteeing the admission of African American evidence in courts of law.

February 2, 1866

Congress discusses legislation meant to improve the accuracy of representation due to the inclusion of freedmen.

February 7, 1866

The breakup of the Republican party approaches due to disagreements between party leaders.

February 9, 1866

Pennsylvania's lawmakers approve suffrage legislation for African Americans.

February 21, 1866

The Washington Constitutional Union'praises the lord' after Andrew Johnson's reported veto of the Freedmen's bill.

March 1, 1866

Tennessee close to becoming the first former-Confederate state readmitted into Congress as Congress believes their reconstruction was successful.
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