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March 9, 1866

Radicals now believe Johnson's egotism embodies the "spirit of evil" and that he is looking to crush Congress

March 10, 1866

The Senate has rejected proposed legislation meant to reassess representation in the south

March 15, 1866

Some Radicals look to break away from the lead of Thaddeus Stevens as instability arises in the Radical party.

March 24, 1866

A deal struck between Radicals and Conservatives leaves the question of suffrage to the voters.

March 26, 1866

Newspapers across the country believe that the President will veto the Civil Rights Bill and the Dispatch agrees.

March 27, 1866

The Civil Rights bill faces a potential veto from the President as Radical Republicans"muster their forces for a trial of strength in the Senate".

April 9, 1866

Despite Johnson's veto, the Civil Rights bill may be "forced " into legislation as the veto may be overturned by the Senate and House.

April 9, 1866

Americans are divided as some lawmakers push strongly for the Civil Rights bill and some strongly reject it. The Dispatch argues that rejecting the bill shows support for Johnson's policy, and that the country is "disgusted" by the events unfolding…

April 10, 1866

Radicals are rejoicing over the passage of the Civil Rights bill over the President's veto, one Radical states that " the President's policy has a ghost of a chance".

April 11, 1866

Relations between Radicals and Freedmen are evident as the Dispatch reports a proposed convention that the Radicals believe will be attended largely by "the un-reconstructed"
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