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December 15, 1870

In response to an article in the Petersburg Index, the Daily Dispatch wants everyone to know that they have no fears about the future of the Conservative party in Richmond. Not only that, but it is believed by many Conservatives that theirs will be…

April 23, 1866

Tensions between the North and South continue to escalate, as the New York News calls out the "barbarism" of Southern society.

July 11, 1870

The Radical members of Congress are acting like blind followers of their leaders and ratifying amendments without truly thinking of their consequences. Additionally, the allowing of states to withdrawal their support from various bills or repeal a…

August 26, 1867

The Dispatch comments on The New York Tribune's newest article that states that President Johnson created a disruption by removing General Sheridan.They state that the Republican party will be angry and make "war" in Congress because Sheridan's…

February 4, 1868

Even Northern states will suffer if this act to unify the United States is passed that requires every state to change its form of government to match that of all other states also part of that government.

March 28, 1868

Carpetbaggers hold their own meetings in which they discuss their hatred for the term "carpetbagger." One member suggested using a violent tactic against the next person who calls him a carpetbagger.

January 3, 1868

A group of black citizens in Washington created a petition for better jobs. Most black Virginians are left with the demeaning and undesirable jobs while white Virginians refuse to take these same jobs. In a rather aggressive manner it is advised that…

March 24, 1866

A deal struck between Radicals and Conservatives leaves the question of suffrage to the voters.

May 1, 1868

The northern Radicals blame the southern Conservatives for the hostility towards races to win the "negro" vote.

October 18, 1870

Despite being African-American and a Conservative, Abram Hall made the choice to speak out during the Radical Nomination Convention. He was met with anger from the ground, and was forced to leave, only to return later, backed this time by both white…
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