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January 2, 1866

The Dispatch outlines Virginia's economic advantages and then proceeds to explain why Virginia needs more access to the global economy.

January 5, 1866

The Dispatch sarcastically offers support for the Women's Suffrage Movement on the grounds that women must then share a "fair" role in society.

May 24, 1866

A black lawyer represents himself in court, claiming damages from Baltimore and Ohio railroad companies which refused to comply with his payment to be transported from Washington to Baltimore.

July 12, 1866

This is the busiest day for the House so far for their current session. The new tariff bill is discussed, and there is no doubt Republicans and Democrats are plotting to overthrow the Radicals in the upcoming election.

August 6, 1866

The railroads in Virginia, Kentucky and other southern states have agreed to charge half fare for those delegates traveling to the Philadelphia Convention.

October 10, 1866

Pointing to the peace, security, and progress that the country has made under his leadership, President Johnson makes a Proclamation creating Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

November 7, 1866

Searching for a reason to explain the economic stagnation, the Dispatch blames the missed opportunity brought to the city in the name of railroads. However, it is suggested that it is not too late to fix their error by starting construction on…

December 22, 1866

Due to a delay in the delivery of wood from Fredericksburg, only a small number of people who registered for wood received it. Causing many need families to go without.

January 3, 1867

While staying loyal to the federal government, the people of Virginia want to alter their government to avoid the injustices of the Union men in Virginia.

January 15, 1867

A black man states that for future generations, African Americans should continue to be called themselves Negroes. He does not want to be denied his past nor the rest of his races'.
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