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October 14, 1870

In response to a New York Times article empowering African-Americans against those whites who have "shown by word or deed since 1865 this cruel and ungodly pride," The Daily Dispatch has a different solution for African-Americans. The article urges…

August 6, 1869

The immigration of the Chinese to America is problematic because they will take jobs and opportunities from the "negroes". The blacks are not leaving or diminishing in number, so it is important that we are able to provide them with jobs; Chinese…

March 16, 1871

The House of Delegates gave the control of the Richmond-Petersburg railroad to the committee of nine by one vote. This is a great victory, for now the committee of nine will have control of the Rail and be able to prioritize the interests of…

February 7, 1870

The advancement of railroad lines will benefit Virginia.

March 2, 1870

The commissioners of the railroads, appointed by Virginia and West Virginia, are determining the legality of acquisitions involving the Chesapeake and Ohio railroads.

May 21, 1867

Under the law, it is guaranteed now that black and white men will be equals.However, this does not mean that white men and black men belong together in society.By no means will everyone now be welcome everywhere.If the black men have any self-respect…

January 15, 1867

A black man states that for future generations, African Americans should continue to be called themselves Negroes. He does not want to be denied his past nor the rest of his races'.

December 24, 1870

Richmond is set to become a major point along a trade line. With the preposition for both a railroad and a port opening up Richmond to the sea, the city is set to become a major piece in both foreign and domestic trade.

March 23, 1871

The Lawyer from Petersburg and General Mahone started a fight after the Senate passed the bill that allowed the Committee of Nine to have access to the railroad. There were many punches thrown and a pistol was shot.

March 10, 1870

Another railroad will be constructed in Virginia that will benefit the economy greatly.
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