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September 13, 1866

After trying to approximate the total number of citizens killed from the cholera outbreak, it became clear that little if any records were being kept on the deaths of "negroes". Many of them were buried in mass graves paid for by the Freedmen's…

September 22, 1866

Commenting a recent court opinion out of New Hampshire that made a test oath unconstitutional, the editor of the paper is very pleased with this decision.

March 14, 1867

The purpose of the Bill is to set up a more efficient governing system in the Southern States. This includes establishing systems of appropriations, how the voting system will be enacted, and the powers of the leading officers of each district.

March 19, 1867

Previous thoughts of how African Americans would vote have been invalid and not in accordance with information. Basically African Americans are being influence by loyalists and Northerners to vote against Johnson, and most of their vote is under…

May 28, 1867

The Dispatch believes the Attorney General's letter to the president may have been too timid.However, he made very good points which are unobjectionable.People who swore to the United States before the Civil War and after may need to be treated…

June 4, 1867

General Schofield decides who is considered a rebel, who is not eligible to vote and who may register for the future elections.People who held government titles prior to when the war began or gave aid to the Confederate army are rebels and,…

June 15, 1867

Registration for voting will begin on Monday.Every person who is eligible, or thinks they are eligible, should register to vote.The qualifications to vote made by General Schofield are listed.

June 17, 1867

Registration of the citizens of Monroe Ward begins this morning.The city of Richmond recommends that people do not linger near the registration area in order to avoid confusion.The man who does not register is "selfish" and "lacks patriotism."

June 18, 1867

A Radical meeting occurs in Nansemond near Norfolk, Virginia.The speakers at the meeting speak highly of former President Lincoln's emancipation of slaves and state that many white Southerners should have been convicted of treason.The speakers…

June 18, 1867

Registration for voting began in the Third Ward of Richmond yesterday.At the building, there were two doors, one for black men and one for white men.The number of people registered is 185 white men and 144 black men.
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