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June 25, 1867

Registration for voting continues in Monroe Ward.Many more people register to vote during the second week of registration.An excess of 600 black men were left after registration ended on Monday.There are 1,441 white men registered and 1,886 black men…

June 27, 1867

Two Richmonders have been brought to court in Virginia for perjury.The prosecuters claim that they gave aid to the rebellion since January 1, 1864; however, there is no evidence of this brought before the courts.The Dispatch asks that the two men be…

June 27, 1867

Congress is meeting for an extra session.They will address taxation and the policies proposed by Wade and various other senators who have recently visited the South and are proponents of creating business in the South. The capitalists have…

June 28, 1867

Registration continues in Richmond with a colored majority of 196.

July 1, 1867

Registration continues in Jefferson Ward. In total, 702 black people have registered and 403 white people.

July 1, 1867

Several black people have registered as residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, despite not being legitimate residents there. Almost 100 people claim they live in the City Hotel or at the Seminary, however, the owners of both state that there are three in…

July 2, 1867

Several citizens of Jefferson Ward held a meeting at Old Market Hall on July 1 to address several issues with registration among black people. Only 537 black men over the age of 21 live in Jefferson Ward, however, 2,003 black people have registered,…

July 15, 1867

The process of registration ends in Richmond.In total, 5,041 white men have registered and 6,160 black men have registered, creating an excess of black men.

July 16, 1867

The new reconstruction has law passed in Congress, but does not greatly change the laws of Virginia.The new law agrees with many of the requirements already instated in Virginian reconstruction.It outlines the new requirements to regain statehood and…

July 19, 1867

According to the new reconstruction law passed in Congress, people must be allowed to register to vote 14 days prior to an election, given that they are not disfranchised and are citizens of the United States.
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