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February 17, 1871

The House will discuss a bill that would control state representatives for Congress. The Dispatch discusses the loopholes, based on the Virginia Constitution, that can expel Virginia from this form of control.

January 24, 1871

There are southern Republicans debating "semi-Reconstruction." They have decided instead to make an amendment to the Enforcement Act where congress will apply its terms to southern elections and reinstate military to the south for protection.

December 10, 1870

In what the conservatives are calling an act of Radical persecution, a Conservative Judge has been arrested for a violation of the Enforcement act on the day of December 9th. The judge allegedly took a ballot box during elections, and swapped it out…

August 31, 1870

The Radical administration is enforcing the Fifteenth Amendment, which allows voting registration to be denied to whites but not blacks. This will hurt their party in the upcoming election since this policy creates a larger Conservative voter base in…

August 22, 1870

There are thousands more registered to vote in the upcoming election, and the Democratic party is expecting to receive a large portion of these new votes.

June 1, 1870

There are "negroes" from various counties who go into and out of Richmond daily. Since it is election season in Richmond, a question has been brought up regarding whether these individuals' have the right to vote in the city.

May 21, 1870

A bill to enforce the 15th Amendment is trying to be passed but many, including Mr. Sherman, believe this measure will promote voter fraud.

May 20, 1870

Mr. Hamilton warns about the bill enforcing the 15th Amendment, since its passing could qualify common interactions with blacks as voting interference.

May 18, 1870

Radicals and "negroes" are storming the precinct in Jefferson Ward, and no one has been killed but several including a police officer have been injured.

May 18, 1870

The Conservatives are confident "negroes" will eventually see the advantage of governmental unity if they decide to side with them politically. Conservatives claim this unity will create a more effective government. Therefore if "negroes" want peace…
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