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April 19, 1868

A white majority has returned in Richmond. White men from all around attempt to save their state and country through the ballot which is one of the only shreds of liberty white Richmonders are still entitled to.

March 17, 1868

White citizens are fighting for themselves as they showed up in large numbers to register. A white majority in Virginia is almost guaranteed as there are no black citizens moving to Virginia from abroad while countless white citizens from Europe and…

September 22, 1866

Commenting a recent court opinion out of New Hampshire that made a test oath unconstitutional, the editor of the paper is very pleased with this decision.

May 14, 1870

Registration is encouraged for all individuals, and claims of unjust registrations are refuted, since "whites" arein fact not disenfranchising "blacks." These statements are only meant to stir up troubles for "whites."

January 5, 1869

A.H.H Stuart speaks to a audience concerned about the proclamation of amnesty. Congress doesn't seem to believe that the President can issue pardons to whoever he wishes and seeks to ban Presidential pardons.

July 29, 1867

In order to complete registration, power needs to be given to sub-district commanders and military commissioners.These people will then act as presidents of boards for registration.Judicial offices send recommendations for who will fill these…

May 17, 1870

Republican Radicals are threatening to impose another period of reconstruction in Virginia as a result of acts of discrimination against "colored peoples" by Conservatives. The Conservatives question whether such an action is legal, since Virginia…

March 23, 1868

White scalawags and the Committee on Apportionment in the Convention scheme to ensure Radical rule and "negro" power. This committee has used tricks and manipulative tactics to guarantee black power including basing representation off registration…

March 16, 1868

Under Schofield's orders on registration it is possible for a citizen's right to register to be challenged. Numerous black citizens have been challenged mostly for non-residence. The Boards of Registration will review these charges and then make a…

March 16, 1868

With the end of registration, the final totals of those registered are reported. Per ward there is a higher number of black Richmonders who registered than white Richmonders. The Dispatch is not pleased about the results but assures white Richmonders…
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