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January 1, 1866

The Dispatch criticizes the North for sending commissioners down to Virginia and The Dispatch asserts that the South does not need the North's "care" and that southerners love and respect African Americans.

January 4, 1866

The murder of a white police officer by African Americans heightens racial tensions in Alabama.

January 13, 1866

Congress discusses the repeal of the Test Oath as southerners fight for readmission.

March 1, 1866

Tennessee close to becoming the first former-Confederate state readmitted into Congress as Congress believes their reconstruction was successful.

March 29, 1866

The Dispatch supports President Johnson's policy and commend Johnson for one of his "sensible and patriotic addresses".

May 7, 1866

Racial tension throughout the South results in different cases of rioting. A dispute between whites and blacks leads to rioting and violence.

May 8, 1866

Memphis riots finally come to a close; no black churches stand in the city from the burnings and violence. Strict military control puts a halt to most of the fighting between whites and blacks of the city.

May 9, 1866

Radicals have ill-feelings toward the South mostly because of slanders and misrepresentations made by the Freedman's Bureau who need to retain their positions and pay. Southerners hope that the North will eventually figure out the truth, but the…

June 1, 1866

Southerners praise the cause of the soldiers that they lost, describing them as "unselfish, pure, devoted and of great character." Richmond honors their fallen Confederate soldiers.

June 1, 1866

Reports on Memphis riots conclude that the body of rioters is mostly police, firemen, "negro-haters in general", and Yankee-haters, the majority drunk. The recorder of the city makes a speech saying that they are prepared to clear all blacks out of…
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