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June 6, 1866

Underwood understands Richmond has become notorious for trafficking men of serious crime more often than other cities. He argues that Davis has violated the state law which says that no one should influence others to threaten or obstruct…

June 8, 1866

Johnson announces the only way the Union can be restored is if the North and South can end strife, let peace do the repairing, and avoid reopening the wounds of war.

July 2, 1866

Alexander H.H. Stuart delivers an address at the commencement ceremony of the University of Virginia, explaining his reasoning that slavery was not the true cause of the war. He reveals that earlier on, Radical politicians would not fully contend for…

July 4, 1866

Richmond politician observes that Virginia Unionists are too timid to execute political change, fearing that it will bring political ruin. He suggests that a fourth of July dinner be held to discuss the Union's organization and progress in Virginia.

July 6, 1866

Governor Peirpoint shares his opinion that civil authority should be subservient to military authority in times of war for the safety of the people and suppression of domestic violence.

July 12, 1866

This is the busiest day for the House so far for their current session. The new tariff bill is discussed, and there is no doubt Republicans and Democrats are plotting to overthrow the Radicals in the upcoming election.

July 14, 1866

A large gang of blacks pass house to house, robbing and beating everyone. The leaders of the gang were arrested, but the crowd fought back and were not obedient to white authority.

July 17, 1866

Secretary Seward shows favor for the proposed National Convention, emphasizing the importance of reuniting the country and discussing its restoration. He believes this can only be executed by including Southern delegates in the conversation.

July 24, 1866

The State Central Committee of Virginia plans to send delegates to the Philadelphia Convention of the most prominent and influential members of the state. The South is finally starting to realize the importance of their representation in the…

August 6, 1866

According to Dispatch editors, Radicals are encouraging riots; every case of black murder by violent white Southerners only makes the Radical cause more appealing.
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