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April 10, 1871

Although the Dispatch is critical of the Kuklux Bill, the reporter is glad to know that it is not exclusive to southern states, the target of recent legislation during Reconstruction.

February 20, 1871

The Dispatch details the system of elections that will be used in the upcoming years to come. Due to reapportionment, there will be an entirely new General Assembly, who, due to this intentional redistricting, results in an all-white state…

January 15, 1871

The U.S. Senate passed the Kluklux bill with amendments, with 45 ayes and 19 nays. The law punished and forbids acts of violence based on their race or former slavery, the perpetrator will have to pay full compensation and punishment by law.

December 22, 1870

Despite the recent successes of the Conservative party, some of its members have called for a change of name. While the time may come for the party to be reorganized and for its name to be changed, that time is not now. As the party's main goal is…

November 22, 1870

Looking back on the the civil war, party division, and querrels between parties, one thing has become present - people need to move forward, and in doing so harmony will be restored and the country will finally be able to come together.

November 7, 1870

In a message from the current major of Richmond, the citizens are informed of the armed police force that will be present, as well as the ban on alcohol sales during the election.

November 1, 1870

In the wake of the news of the Radicals using the army as an intimidation method at the elections, the Daily Dispatch has a suggestion - a way for Virginia to fight back.

October 17, 1870

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." It seems as though the Radical Republicans are taking that saying to a new level. While at the moment, the soldiers stationed outside the polls may be there only to, "keep the peace," it is only a matter…

October 13, 1870

To the dismay of the entire commonwealth of Virginia, General Robert E. Lee has died. In the wake of this news, all business has been shut down for the day, and city council will hold a meeting where they will determine how best to handle this loss.
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