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January 13, 1866

Congress discusses the repeal of the Test Oath as southerners fight for readmission.

July 14, 1866

A large gang of blacks pass house to house, robbing and beating everyone. The leaders of the gang were arrested, but the crowd fought back and were not obedient to white authority.

January 24, 1868

The Radicals have taken over so much of the government that the only power able to stop the Radical party and its enormous control are the people themselves.

November 1, 1870

In the wake of the news of the Radicals using the army as an intimidation method at the elections, the Daily Dispatch has a suggestion - a way for Virginia to fight back.

May 5, 1868

Conservatives are willing to fight against the new Constitution of Virginia at the Conservative Convention to save the great state of Virginia.

August 11, 1869

The Colored Conservative Republican Club of Richmond wrote to the Colored Voters of Virginia. In this address, they ask blacks to support Governor Walker even if they did not in the election. They ask them to be good citizens and remember how far…

December 11, 1869

Virginia not only wants admission, but also wants equality amongst other states within the Union. This equality is something both parties and citizens of Virginia ought to agree upon considering the growth and wealth it can bring to the state.

March 1, 1866

Tennessee close to becoming the first former-Confederate state readmitted into Congress as Congress believes their reconstruction was successful.

July 13, 1869

It is important for white Virginians to prove to the black citizens of Virginia that they are safe with Walker in power.

October 16, 1869

Rumors swell of a coalition between the Wells Radicals and the Walker True Republicans in hopes of gaining a majority and electing Lewis or Stearns as Senators.
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