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December 15, 1866

A decision was made in the case of Dr. Watson who shot and killed a black man. General Schofield came to the decision that Watson will be tried in a military commission, not a civil court. The Dispatch says this represents a break of two separate…

December 18, 1866

Further evidence, mainly a statement by General Schofield, shows that he had not called upon his men to arrest anyone who attempted to help Dr. Watson escape, but in fact had instructed his men to find witnesses.

December 24, 1866

President Johnson ordered for the military commission trying Dr. Watson be dissolved because the commission did not have proper jurisdiction to try him.

April 13, 1867

There are major controversy and conflict spreading against prejudice in the South. With the recent passing of the Sherman Bill, many are claiming the government itself is "unconstitutional" and untrustworthy.

April 15, 1867

General Schofield is fighting for more rights for previous rebels by trying to allow rebels who were forced to pledge allegiance to the Confederacy voting rights.

May 1, 1867

The first signs of segregation are shown through the distribution of the Richmond street-cars.Of the six street cars, four will be used indiscriminately while two will be reserved for women and children.All additional cars will be designated on the…

May 10, 1867

An incident occurs between firemen and a freedman.The freedman crowded the space the firemen worked on, leading to an altercation that caused a growing crowd of black men to fight.A riot broke out as a result.

May 13, 1867

Another run-in between police and black people occurred.Police tried to arrest a black person who was causing a scene but a mob responded and threw bricks at the police officers.

May 14, 1867

Mayor Mayo gives his opinion on the recent disturbances between freedmen and policemen.He intends to make everyone follow every law, regardless of race.

May 30, 1867

Listed are the demands that the military headquarters in Virginia be respected under the military rule of the Union in Virginia during Reconstruction.Military rule will be applied to everyone.
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