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April 30, 1870

Chief Justice Chase renders his final decision on the case. Ellyson is the rightful mayor of Richmond.

April 28, 1870

The Capitol partially collapses during the case between Chahoon and Ellyson.

April 21, 1870

Governor Wise and Mr. Neeson make arguments before the Court of Appeals in the case between Chahoon and Ellyson.

April 20, 1870

The proceedings from a day in court between Chahoon and Ellyson. Mr. Daniel and General Wells hold the floor.

March 29, 1870

Explanation and arguments regarding how the dispute between Mayors Chahoon and Ellyson came about.

February 14, 1870

Reconstruction starts to take on a new meaning for Virginians. It means the recovery of Virginia's infrastructure and the rebuilding of its status as one of the great states.

May 3, 1869

A discussion of the two northern Republican candidates in Virginia, Mr. Walker and Governor Wells. A northern opinion regarding the two men is given.

March 20, 1869

The proposition to prolonging the day of vacating the offices of Virginia was not passed. Virginians' say that "never was there such disproportion between the intelligence and virtue of a people and the men who fill the public places over them."

January 12, 1869

Not every Republican is in favor of the present constitution and enfranchisement of all the blacks and disenfranchisement of all the whites. Congress and the Republicans will be open to amending parts of it. The present laws prohibit any man from…

January 1, 1869

Report about the disbandment of the Freedman's Bureau from a Mr. Washburne. Washburne states that it is necessary to keep the Freedman's Bureau running because it helps provides for the destitute and sick of Richmond. The government agrees to fund…
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